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Sheet metal programming software

  • Punch, laser or plasma $1625.00 USD
  • Combo machines $1825.00 USD
  • Free installation assistance
  • Moveable license, install and run anywhere 
  • 1 free postprocessor included(any machine)
  • Low price training, 5 days, 1hr -30 minutes per day.
  • Courtesy free shop math application program
  • Embedded autonesting available, optional purchase
  • Second machine postprocessor $475.00 USD, optional purchase
  • AutoNesting  module available
  • Low cost support packages available, optional purchase.  Free courtesy, training, as above described, when purchasing support package.

Request a trial version     MACH3 Posprocessors

32 bit demo download       64 bit demo download

PDF, videos training material  

***Other options for trying our software  

Recommended computer system


G code to CAD reverse engineering application

  •  Moveable license $425.00 USD
  • Free installation assistance
  • Effortless reverse your old g code to CAD geometry

  • AMADA, MURATEC and NISSHINBO g code supported. For STRIPPIT punch presses, please see list and commands

  • Moveable license, install and run anywhere
  • Courtesy free shop math application program

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DNC communications software

  •  $225.00 USD

  • Send your g code to any nc control

  • Job scheduler

  • Scheduled partial transfer with scheduled resume transfer

  • Multiple control managment

  • Moveable license, install and run anywhere
  • Supports USB to serial converters

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Courtesy reccomended Technicians:

Name:      George

Phone #:   631-987-6316

Machines:  Amada & others

Country:     United States



Name:      Keith Coffee

Phone #:   716 8304630

Machines:  Strippit & others

Country:     United State


*** Great Strippit parts store, please visit, we recommend their low prices  and service***



Name:      Michael A. Smith

Phone #:   516-457-3808

Machines:  Amada, Strippit & others

Country:     United States

Open: 8:00am-8:00pm CST/Central Standard Time(UTC/GMT -6 hours)

< Supports Windows  XP, 2003, Vista, Wndows 7, Windows  8 and Windows 10 >


Solution Graphics

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